Handling options assignment

A review of a recent options assignment in DIA and tactics for better managing future options assignments.

Published June 14 • 2 min read

Legging out of risky options trades

Increase profits by legging out of options trades in high dollar stocks.

Published March 12 • 3 min read

Taking options trades to expiration

A review of taking options trades all the way to expiration.

Published February 20 • 3 min read

Generate income with the options wheel strategy

A look at using the "Wheel" options strategy to generate income while potentially owning stocks from my buy list.

Published February 4 • 3 min read

Being mechanical with options trades

A look at canceling my options trading strategy of buying protective puts after a painful constant market uptrend in 2017.

Published January 28 • 2 min read

Synthetic positions through options

Adding sythentic long positions through options trading strategies for unlimited upside reward, while defining downside risk during a volatile market.

Published January 21 • 3 min read

Turn profitable by rolling options trades

Valuable lessons learned from a year of options trades with Option Alpha with a focus on turning losing options trades profitable by rolling the options trade for time and credit.

Published January 16 • 6 min read

Automation in a volatile market

A review of two options trades to demonstrate the importance of setting automated trades to help manage your options portfolio.

Published January 8 • 3 min read